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The Ranger Board (along with the APHA Board) is pleased to announce the Coaches selections for the 2022-23 season as follows:

Female U13 - Kelly Clarke (HC)

Male U13 - Sean Martynuik (HC)

Male U13 - Garrett Wellwood & Keith Carson (HC)

Female U15 -  Ryan Anhalt (HC)

Male U15 - Geoff Morrow (HC)

Male U15 - Drake Hechter (HC)

Male U18 - George Seidel (HC)

Interested in coaching?

Interested in becoming a Ranger Coach?  Contact our Coaching Coordinator to arrange a meeting.

The Ranger program strives to attract and retain the finest coaches available for the program and are delighted with the individuals selected to lead their respective teams this season.  We make every effort to look for independent, non-parent coaches and a transparent team selection process led by the Head Coach and his/her staff.  In the instance of a parent coach, the Ranger board will utilize an independent 3rd party evaluator to work in conjunction with the coaching staff (mediated by the chair of the coach selection committee) for the purposes of team formation.

Ranger Coaches Committee

Ranger Coaches Committee

Coaching Coordinator