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Rangers Tryout Registration

Registration for the 2023 Rangers Tryouts is now open!


  • Parents will be notified of their child's tryout group by email a few days prior to the start of their age groups tryouts.    
  •  Tryout groups  are not the same as 4x4 camp
  • The tryout schedule is subject to change.   

Rangers 4 X 4 Schedule

See below for the 2023 Schedule

Please note: Check the bottom right hand corner of the document for the most up to date version

2023 Rangers 4x4 Camp Registration Link

Please visit the "4x4 Camp" section of our website for more information about this year's camp and a link to register.

The APHA Rangers AA Hockey Program is currently looking to fill coaching positions for the 2023/24 season.

The Ranger program strives to attract and retain the finest coaches available for the program and make every effort to look for independent, non-parent coaches.

These positions include both the heading coaching and assistant coaching rolls. If you are interested in a coaching position within the Rangers organization we invite you to send a resume to Ian MacLeod at


U18 Female AA Players Needed

U 18 Female Registration – Registration has been open for some time now for the U 18 females. To date there are only 8 players registered. Please register as soon as possible so that a determination can be made if there will be enough players registered to form a team.